Justice For Brittany Chrishawn Williams: Officer Allegedly Broke This Woman's Teeth In Her Own Yard.. Evidence Claiming Florida Cops Lied!

"On May 13th 2020, in Jacksonville Florida, Brittany Chrishawn Williams was at home and noticed an officer in her yard. She asked if she could help and he admitted to reading emails. He was not there on official business. The officer employed with Jacksonville Sheriff's office was extremely rude to her and refused to leave her yard. She called for his supervisor and when the other officers came, they turned on her and sided with the cop in violation. They lied about her throwing a spoon at the cop and stated that they were there to arrest her for that. She was never told that she was under arrest. Brittany was attacked by multiple officers on her property and charged with 3 felonies. The charges are false and this video proves their lies." - Janay



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