Michael Jordan's "Flu Game" Pizza Delivery Guy Speaks Out

ESPN's The Last Dance documentary on Michael Jordan came out just in time for the coronavirus pandemic. Needless to say, it's been a source of entertainment and distraction in the midst of the pandemic. Jordan gave the world an inside look into his life like never before, addressing a few of the myths surrounding his name.

The legendary flu game where Jordan put up 38 points after falling sick in Utah was debunked. Jordan, as well as others close to him, suggested he got food poisoning from bad pizza. Even his trainer Tim Grover said he had a bad feeling about it but the guy who made and delivered the pizza has stepped forth to address some of these claims.

Craig Fite, the man who claimed to have delivered the pizza, joined 1280 The Zone's The Big Show On Monday, revealed that he was just hired to the pizza place and was apparently the only Bulls fan in the workplace or at least the only person willing to put down money on the Bulls. Fite said he delivered a large, thin-crust, extra pepperoni pizza by himself along with the driver -- refuting claims that there were five people that delivered the pizza to Jordan.

“We go over and I knock on the door, and then this great guy who’s been saying all this crap lately — I’m sure that he’s a good guy,” Fite said, seemingly in reference to Tim Grover .“But anyway, he answers the door, barely opens up the door, and I said ‘hey,’ identified the company I was with, here’s the pizza delivery.'”

From there, Fite said that he asked if he could say hi to Mike quickly. "Mike’s in the room, sitting at the chair, he’s playing cards or whatever, and raises his hand, he said, ‘Thanks, man!'" Fire recounted. He quickly added that no one else got sick from anything prepared from his store that day.


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