LAPD officer assaults non violent Foo on camera, ACAB

In a statement from May 4, the LAPD called the video “disturbing”. After reviewing body-worn video footage and cell phone footage recorded by a witness, a supervisor notified his commanding officer which sparked an investigation by the Internal Affairs Division (the Chief of Police’s investigation arm).

The statement says that the man was released from custody but it’s unclear if he’s been charged with a crime. The use of force incident will also be examined by the Use of Force Department of the LAPD.

“While we are withholding judgment on the actions of the involved officer at the time, the officer has been assigned home pending further investigation. Additionally, the department has notified the Los Angeles County District Attorney Office, Justice System Integrity Division who is monitoring this investigation as well as the Department of the Inspector General.”

Aside from the district attorney office and inspector general, all of the departments investigating this matter are affiliated with the LAPD.

There has already been over 13 use of force incidents in 2020, which includes everything from injuries to police shootings. Last year, there were 36.

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