Epstein Victim Painted His Co-Conspirator As An FBI-Protected Lizard Person


(TMU) Opinion – Artist Maria Farmer is believed to be the first of Epstein’s victims to attempt to report the wealthy pedophile and his friends to police, and now she is working on a series of paintings “all about the elites” and their crimes.

Her most recent painting, “FBI diagram,” depicts a dead Jeffrey Epstein in a flying saucer, with his still-free co-conspirators playing out various scenes in other parts of the painting, including Ghislaine Maxwell as a reptile inside of a giant plastic bubble, with a “property of FBI” tag hanging off of it, likely symbolizing the lack of action from the FBI and other authorities.

The painting also shows Alan Dershowitz without pants on, putting his finger over his mouth to shush the victims.

The depiction of Dershowitz is symbolic of the lengths that he went through to cover up Epstein’s crimes and discredit the victims.

He likely isn’t wearing any pants in the painting because he has been implicated in Epstein’s crimes as well, and has admitted to receiving massages at Epstein’s estate.

He has also been called a “pervert” by his former neighbors and admitted to skinny dipping at Martha’s Vinyard, which resulted in numerous complaints from people in the area that day.

Describing her new painting, Farmer said, “I wanted to do it from a child’s viewpoint. What I’m really doing is saying: FBI, if you can’t follow this, you can’t follow what a child would draw. This is about corruption at a much higher level, and he was just one of the pawns,” Farmer added. The drawing emphasizes “the absurdity of the fact that they let him go for so long.”

According to Farmer, she was assaulted by Epstein and Maxwell at the Ohio estate of Lex Wexner when she was staying there in the summer of 1996 to work on an art project. She then learned that her younger sister had a similar encounter with the pair, and she was underage at the time.

Farmer says that after she made the accusations about Epstein and Maxwell, Maxwell used her connections to destroy her reputation in the New York art scene before it even began.

Farmer says that she became terrified of them, and even moved around several times trying to get away from them.

She was never able to fully pursue her art because she was so worried about staying under the radar, but now with Epstein apparently dead and many of his accomplices laying low, she feels safe to begin to create her art again.

Sadly, in the midst of this new chapter in her life, she was also diagnosed with cancer, which she attributes to the constant stress resulting from the trauma inflicted by Epstein and his friends. She also blames them for taking away the life that she should have lived.

“When I first found out that I have a brain tumor, I saw all the things I didn’t get to do because I’ve been in hiding. When I got the diagnosis, I started seeing a wedding, a baby, a group of friends, all the things I’ve been deprived of. All the paintings, the gallery openings, the things that never happened,” Farmer said.


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