3rd Russian doctor "falls" out of window in the past 10 days.

Voronezh doctor Alexander Shulepov fell from the second floor. He complained that he was forced to work after being infected with coronavirus. This is the third Russian physician who has fallen out of a window in the past two weeks.

Ambulance doctor Alexander Shulepov from the village of New Usman (Voronezh region) fell out of the hospital window, where he was treated for coronavirus infection. This was reported by the local edition of "My!" without reference to sources. Shulepov’s colleague, ambulance paramedic Alexander Kosyakin, confirmed information about the incident to Meduza. The Vesti Voronezh publication was also confirmed at the regional headquarters.

As they write "Mine!" and Vesti Voronezh, on the night of May 2, Shulepov fell out of the window of the second floor. Now he is in intensive care, he is diagnosed with a fracture of the base of the skull, and his condition is very serious. According to Kosyakin, Shulepov told him that one is in the infectious box of the hospital.

Alexander Shulepov works in the Novousmansky district hospital. Since April 22, he was treated for coronavirus in the same place. His illness was asymptomatic; Shulepov’s test results for the last two coronavirus tests were negative, and they were about to write him out in the coming days.

On April 22, Shulepov and Kosyakin recorded a video in which they said that the chief physician of the Novousmansky district hospital forces them to work even after the coronavirus was found in Shulepov. Medusa contacted Shulepov, and he confirmed that he had contracted the coronavirus, but asked not to disclose the details of the conversation because of fears of sanctions by the leadership. On April 25, a video appeared on the website of the newspaper Novaya Usman Today, in which Shulepov said that he “recorded the video with Kosyakin on emotions” and that he no longer went to the calls, being infected with coronavirus. In the same video, the head physician of the hospital said that the institution had enough personal protective equipment (Kosyakin had previously spoken about their shortage; an administrative case had been opened against him for spreading fakes about the coronavirus). Authorities suggested that Shulepov became infected outside the hospital.

On April 24, Natalya Lebedeva, head of the Star City emergency department, died, who was hospitalized with suspected coronavirus. According to official figures, the cause of death was an accident; According to REN TV, the doctor fell out of the window. “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, citing Lebedeva’s colleagues, wrote that she could have committed suicide because of accusations that she had infected several of her subordinates with a coronavirus.

On April 25, Elena Nepomnyashchaya, the acting head physician of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Hospital for War Veterans, fell out of the window. TVK channel, citing a source, wrote that the incident occurred after a conference call with the head of the Ministry of Health of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Boris Nemik, which discussed the re-profiling of one of the hospital buildings for receiving patients with coronavirus infection; Nepomnyaschi was allegedly against this - due to the lack of protective equipment and the unpreparedness of staff. Nemik said that on that day he did not participate in meetings with the chief physicians. May 1 Nepomniachtchi died in intensive care

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