Matt Barnes Issues Public Apology To Ex Anansa Sims For "Flipping Out"


Matt Barnes is showing his growth and took to social media to publicly apologize to Anansa Sims for their recent exchange of social media insults.

The Roots told us, "Sometimes relationships get ill," and Matt Barnes can attest to that fact. He's not the only person to suffer a breakup, but as a basketball star, Barnes has often found his romances entangled in headlines. Basketball Wives fans watched as Barnes and his ex-wife Gloria Govan unraveled on the VH1 series, and after a lengthy relationship and three years of marriage, the pair broke up. Since that time, there have been struggles between the two as they co-parent twin boys, but it seems as if they're in a better place.

Most recently, Matt and his ex-girlfriend Anansa Sims were trading insults online. They share a young son together and while it seemed as if they would make it for the long run, they decided to part ways. Thing got ugly as Matt took to social media to share his issues, but now he wants to apologize for his actions.

"Day by day trying to better myself," Barnes wrote in the caption to a video. "Private apologies don’t work for publicly disrespected. Peace • Love • Happiness @anansasims 🙏🏽." In the clip, he said he was inspired by a video he saw that spoke about owning up to one's mistakes. He apologized to Anansa Sims for speaking about their personal business publicly "and when we hit a rocky point, flipping out on her out of emotion, out of hurt, out of anger, out of frustration... It was wrong for me to do."

He said he should have learned from the mistakes he made in previous relationships.


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