Fivio Foreign calls out French Montana for unpaid homage to brooklyn drill

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French Montana is not a fan favorite right now. Fivio Foreign is the latest to call out the “No Stylist” rapper. Last week, French told the world he has more hits than Kendrick Lamar. As one can expect, that sent social media into a frenzy. Although it sparked conversation, the survey says the 13-time Grammy award-winning rapper clearly has more hits. Young Thug weighed in on the bold statement, which ignited a small beef between the two rappers

French Montana recently released his new song, “That’s A Fact.” The Brooklyn Drill influenced track ignited a Tik Tok challenged, which was spearheaded by BK rapper, Mr. Swipey.

Fivio Foreign did not take that lightly. He felt as if French only used Mr. Swipey as a backup dancer to pay homage to the emerging BK sound, rather than doing a song with him.

“I’m a brand new artist so I’m not really that in a position to be puttin’ n***as in good positions yet,” says the “Big Drip” rapper. “I’m talkin’ ’bout French Montana, n***a. French Montana wildin’, n***a. He wildin’, n***a. He gon’ have Swipey dancin’ and spinnin’ in every video like he some type of back-up dancer, n***a. Ain’t no back-up dancer for you, n***a. You ain’t ’bout to use drill beats and have n***as spinning.”

Fivio isn’t jacking how French Montana is moving. He references Drake and Meek Mill’s effort to pay homage by doing songs with young artists leading the BK drill wave.

Mr. Swipey made another appearance on the “Unforgettable” rapper’s Instagram video, where he previewed a new song with Jim Jones. Apparently, Mr. Swipey is the newest member of The Coke Boy family. According to Fivio that’s neither here nor there. He says French Montana is “No Good.”


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