52% of Newlywed brides seek affairs within first year of marriage.

Newlywed brides are increasingly seeking out affairs to cope with 'post wedding blues', according to a new survey.

Extramarital dating site Gleeden.com's latest poll shows that an increasing number of women are looking for love outside their marriage just months after their wedding.

52% of the 9,000 women surveyed said they began looking to cheat less than 12 months after the big day.

Sexologist Dr Juliette Buffat said the come down after a wedding can strain a relationship: "After the dream of getting married came true, what's left? Memories, photo albums, fatigue and sometimes disappointment."

"Men are not the only ones to get bored in a routine, women can also feel the urge to escape the marital monotony and monogamy."

When the women were asked the question, "When did you subscribe to gleeden.com?", more than half said during their first year of marriage. 39% said the second year.

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