Youtuber Miko Worldwide arrested in Colombia for raping young boys

imageColombian authorities detained Michael Wolfgang Nichol, a youtuber known as "Miko Worldwide", in Medellín, who is convicted by the United States Justice for sexually abusing minors and who is required by that country, the Prosecutor's Office reported Friday.

Wolfgang was detained in a restaurant in the Laureles neighborhood, one of the most touristic in Medellín, by members of the Prosecutor's Technical Investigative Body (CTI) and then handed over to Migración Colombia, which will carry out the "administrative process of deportation," explained the accusing body in a statement.

According to the Colombian Prosecutor's Office, the American "supplied narcotics to a 10-year-old minor, sexually abused him, and left him tied to his feet and arms in the trunk of a car."

Colombian authorities also point out that the American left that country and toured various countries in the world as a youtuber where he made videos on "charitable works."

"On his social media channel, known as 'Miko Worldwide', he had just over 30 thousand subscribers. Different international authorities are investigating whether the current activity was a front to contact children and adolescents for sexual purposes," added the Prosecutor's Office.

This is how he arrived on March 6 to Colombia from Spain and settled in Medellín, where he was recording videos and was found "thanks to the alert from the US Marshall agency and the elements collected by a prosecutor from the Specialized Directorate against the Drug trafficking. "

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