Nipsey Hussle's Mysterious Murder To Be Explored In BBC Doc


"BBC will be releasing a documentary about the killing of Nipsey Hussle and the circumstances leading up to his death, appropriately titled, The Mysterious Murder of Nipsey Hussle. Helmed by British journalist Ben Zand, the documentary will strive to unpack the conflicting details surrounding Nipsey's murder. The description of the program on BBC's official website reads: "Loved by his community, Nipsey was more than a rapper – he was an icon. But that’s what made his death so confusing, the man everyone loved and looked up to was shot at least 10 times on the very property he owned."

"Immediately, rumours started flowing. Who killed Nipsey Hussle? Who wanted him dead? Was it the police because of the message he was spreading? The government? Or an old gang dispute that had caught up with him? In Los Angeles, Ben Zand meets those closest to Nipsey Hussle, and those who knew the alleged killer Eric Holder. He talks to childhood friends, new-age Black Panthers and a former police officer. They don’t all agree on the motive, but they do agree there is much more to the murder of Nipsey Hussle than the anyone is letting on." The documentary is set to air via the BBC iPlayer on March 26th, almost exactly a year after the beloved icon was shot dead. Ava Duvernay, director of 13th and When They See Us, is also reportedly working on a documentary about the rapper that will premiere on Netflix. However, this untitled project, which will reportedly be co-produced by Ava's production company and Nipsey's Marathon Films, will explore the life of the late rapper rather than his mysterious death."

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