New York, California, & Washington responsible for over 60% of Coronavirus Deaths


I find it amazing how awful these numbers are skewed by outliers and poor statistical analysis.

New York on its own has 48% of the cases in the Entire country and 36% of the deaths.

If you separate NY from the USA, The ranking of the most cases in the world would be:

1. China- 81,218
2. Italy- 69,176
3. Spain- 42,058
4. Germany- 33,927
5. US (without New York)- 28,593
6. New York- 26,348
7. Iran- 24,811
8. France- 22k
9. Switzerland- 10k
10. South Korea -9k

Maybe it makes sense because New York is an international city but making broad decisions based on what’s happening in NY is probably not the best way to look at things. Outside of a few states, the coronavirus is not affecting our country the way it’s being portrayed.

People are running to the hospital the minute they have a runny nose and eating up time and resources. The hysteria is causing more damage than the virus.

Also it’s interesting that New York has been the most aggressive in terms of quarantines and lockdowns, yet they have the most cases and deaths despite being the 3rd most populated state.

It’s clear that Americans and the government are starting to realize that we can‘t stay inside forever and the hysteria is starting to go away. I have a feeling that within the next two weeks the news cycle will start to sway back towards getting back to normal and you’ll see state leadership start to ease back on some of the restrictions.

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