Houston, Texas | An ex-marine officer who spent 12 years stationed at the Guantanamo Bay military detention center was arrested this morning for waterboarding his daughter’s 18-year old boyfriend and subjecting him to “military interrogation techniques”.

57-year old James Fraser, a retired First Sergeant from the U.S. Marine Corps, was arrested this morning by officers of the Houston Police Department (HPD) and accused of aggravated assault and sequestration.

According to HPD spokesman, Lt. Jerry Whitaker, Mr. Fraser’s 17-year old daughter had secretly planned a date with her new boyfriend last weekend, but the ex-marine found out and threatened the young man with an assault rifle.

“He threatened the kid with an AR-15 and tied him up to a chair. He then tortured him and interrogated him for more than eight hours.”
According to Lt. Whitaker, the accused was paranoid about the teenager just wanting to “use his daughter for sex”.

“He used several psychological warfare techniques and tortured the kid all night long just to get him to admit he was a young pervert.”

Mr. Fraser is alleged to have tortured the through an entire night before releasing him in the morning and telling him “he was a good boy and could date his daughter after all”.

HPD spokesman, Lt. Jerry Whitaker, described the accused as an “overly protective father” who clearly has some mental issues.

The 18-year old victim was treated at the hospital for several minor injuries caused by his mistreatment, but will certainly suffer severe psychological trauma that may take years to treat.

Mr. Fraser was freed on a $40,000 bail only a few hours after his arrest.

He faces a total of 11 criminal charges and a maximum of 85 years of imprisonment. He should be back in court in April for the beginning of his trial.


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