Detroit, MI: Man Killed His Wife’s Lover And Later Cooked And Served His Penis For Her Dinner

A shocking crime has left officials in Detroit, Michigan stunned after a 43-year old man was charged with the murder and mutilation of another local man.

What made the crime so horrific is what took place after the alleged murder. According to reports, the suspect discovered his wife was having an affair with a local man who she’d met at her gym.

Enraged, the man followed his wife’s lover home and allegedly killed him before brutally torturing him. Investigators believe that the man was not content to let his wife go unpunished, and he set about on a gruesome revenge.

“We found the victim’s body had his penis removed, and when we investigated further his wife told us about an unusual dinner that her husband had served her,” said one law enforcement officer. “We later discovered that he’d taken the penis home and cooked it up before serving it to his wife.”

The woman told investigators she didn’t suspect anything at first, but when she asked her husband if the dish was pork or beef, he told her “it’s a very special meat that you’re fond of” before he got up and left the property. She grew suspicious at his behavior and examined the meat more closely before realising it was a human male’s penis – later discovered to be that of her dead lover.

“In my 24 years on the force, I’ve never come across such a depraved act,” said one official. The 43-year old is being held in custody pending a hearing later this week.

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