Coronavirus update: Hundreds have been quarantined in Massachusetts


Health officials announced Wednesday that hundreds of people remain under quarantine in Massachusetts as a precaution related to COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus. They emphasized, however, that the risk of infection here remains low.

To date, only one person has tested positive for the virus in Massachusetts.

That patient, a UMass Boston student identified only as a man in his 20s, had traveled to Wuhan, China, and arrived in Boston via Logan International Airport. His diagnosis was announced earlier this month.

Massachusetts Department of Public Health officials said Wednesday that the patient is doing well and continuing to recover.

During a conference call, DPH officials also said that 608 individuals have undergone quarantine procedures in this state. So far, 377 of those have completed the two-week process and were released without symptoms.

Another 231, all of whom had recently visited China, are still being monitored.

During quarantine, patients stay away from the public for 14 days and report their health condition to DPH officials.

Symptoms of this infection include fever, cough, shortness of breath and pneumonia.

Health officials reiterated the message that the risk of COVID-19 in Massachusetts is low and that local hospitals are adequately supplied for facing potential future cases of the virus.

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