$15.3 billion space force budget .....to protect earth from a non existent threat

The Pentagon is asking for a budget cut — but not much of one.

Defense officials will propose a slightly slimmer — but still massive — $705 billion budget for fiscal 2021 in a document they’re sending to Congress on Monday, Bloomberg News reported.

That’s $8 billion less than the amount approved for fiscal 2020, which ends Sept. 30.

The proposal includes a big boost for the Space Force, President Trump’s new military branch, which could get $15.3 billion — up from just $400 million this year.

It would also award sharp increases for the nation’s nuclear weapons systems, with a $17.7 billion modernization program.

Trump has made defense spending a priority — and has repeatedly boasted about increasing military expenditures.

“Last night I was so proud to have signed the largest Defense Bill ever,” he tweeted in December

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