A man from Salt Lake is suing Smith’s Food & Drug Centers and two of its employees for $1,425,000 for causing his emasculation by mistakenly handing him antiandrogen drugs designed for chemical castration while his prescription was for sleeping pills.

58-years old Joshua Smith was prescribed a strong sedative by his doctor in November to help him deal with sleeping problems.

He went to get his medication from his usual drug store, but the pharmacists misread and misinterpreted the prescription in the worse possible way.

Instead of sleeping pills, Mr. Smith was handed cyproterone acetate, a component of feminizing hormone therapy for transgender women also used for the chemical castration of sexual offenders.

Unaware of the mistake, he started taking the medication on a daily basis and in a matter of weeks, he noticed that his testicles had shrunk considerably and his voice was changing.

Mr. Smith claimed he never noticed the mistake until it was too late.

“The pills caused severe drowsiness so I slept well, but my balls shrank to the size of peanuts within a few weeks and my voice totally changed in pitch.”

The 58-year old high school teacher says the pharmacists’ negligence totally ruined his life and no amount of money would suffice to compensate for his loss.

“I can’t get an erection anymore and have the voice of a castrato, only because these idiots can’t read a prescription.”

James White, one of the two pharmacists targeted by the lawsuit, claims the prescription was unreadable and they did the best they could to decipher the doctor’s handwriting.

The Utah Board of Pharmacy has already suspended the two employees’ licenses for six months and fined them $2,500 for professional negligence.

Mr. Smith is now demanding $450,000 from the head pharmacist James White and $250,000 from his colleague Pedro Gutierrez, as well as $725,000 from their employer for his pain and suffering as well as his loss of enjoyment of life.

This unusual case is already drawing a lot of media attention in this usually quiet city, and the court procedures are expected to take several weeks.

The hearings will begin on Monday at the Salt Lake City Justice Court.

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