Truth about WWII frequently hushed up deliberately abroad - Putin


The truth about Second World War is sometimes hushed up deliberately at the state level and some corresponding websites are closed down, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday at a meeting with WWII veterans and public activists.

According to the president, when propaganda that distorts the truth about the war goes up to the level of state in foreign countries, nothing can be said against, since it would not be allowed.

"They close them up, that’s all. We have quoted several times that (information about the war - TASS) is posted on the Internet, and oops! The site is shut down from abroad. Then again oops and it is closed down. As soon as (the information) appears, they shut it down," Putin said adding that "the major media outlets do not cover impartial information" about those historic events.

The Russian president concluded that it was "purposeful work."

Putin again commented on last year’s resolution of the European Parliament, which blamed the Soviet Union for partial responsibility for unleashing World War Two.

"Those people seem to be either unable to read or write, or to be without eyes. And most likely it happens due to the current political situation to to achieve, excuse me for such a word, certain ferret-like political goals," the Russian president said pointing out that it could be prevented with the help of only the truth.

"We will set up an archive center to display the records, recordings and photos, which are archival documents in the literal sense of the word," said Putin, adding that Russia has enough records.

"We know validly and documentarily what was happening on the eve of World War II, not only day by day, but sometimes even hour by hour," the president said.

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