Trey Songz Jane Doe Loses Attempt To Remain Anonymous

The unidentified woman who claims she was assaulted by Trey Songz just failed in her effort to remain anonymous in her $10 million lawsuit against the singer.

"The Court concludes that Plaintiff has failed to show that she has a right to proceed pseudonymously in this case," Judge Ursula Ungaro ruled.

The woman lodged her complaint as Jane Doe on January 2, 2020.

She insists Trey Songz, born Tremaine Aldon Neverson, sexually assaulted her when he tried to insert his fingers in her vagina during a New Year's celebration in 2018.

Shortly after the woman filed her claim against Trey Songz, Judge Ungaro scolded Jane Doe for not following legal protocol, because she filed her lawsuit anonymously without the court's consent.

The Jane Doe plaintiff wrote a letter to the court urging the judge to shield her name because she is a "Muslim woman" from a strict religious household who dreaded "reprisals affiliated with" her religion.

Jane Doe was also worried Trey's fans were going to attack and humiliate her, should her identity be exposed.

But if Jane Doe wants to continue her $10 million claim against Trey, she's going to have to reveal herself because "personal embarrassment" alone is not enough for leave to proceed anonymously under the law.

"The Court is not persuaded that the psychological harm and reputational damage described by Plaintiff rises to the level necessary to overcome the presumption of openness in judicial proceedings," Judge Ungaro ruled.


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