Rosie Perez.....confirms account of Harvey Weinstein assault

Image result for rosie perez SEXY PIC"Actress Rosie Perez testified at Harvey Weinstein's trial Friday, confirming that fellow screen star Annabella Sciorra told her in 1993 she was raped by the then-Hollywood mogul, AP reports.

The big picture: Sciorra recounted her sexual assault at the trial Thursday. Perez told the jury Sciorra called her multiple times about her experience and him harassing her.

Why it matters: Weinstein's lawyers argued Perez shouldn’t be allowed to testify, but Judge James Burke decided to allow it.

When Sciorra called her the first time in 1993, Perez remembered saying, "He’s the one that raped you," as they both started crying.

Perez asked her to got to the police. “I can’t — he’d destroy me," Sciorra responded.

One of Weinstein's lawyers Damon Cheronis asked Perez why she didn’t go to police herself, she responded “because I was being respectful."

What to watch: Weinstein's case will continue before a jury of seven men and five women. He could face a life sentence if convicted.

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