A New Mexico woman is in a critical state after her husband attempted to pour 80 lb of wet cement into her mouth while she was sleeping.

Rudd Parkston, 56, a San Rafael concrete contractor faces charges of attempted murder with intent to kill after he poured an estimated 80 lb of wet cement onto his wife of 22 years, Katherine Parkston.

Rudd Parkston apparently transported his wife inside their garage while she was sleeping and set her next to a concrete mixer of which he proceeded to pour the content into her mouth.

Katherine Parkston was able to flee while her husband was seemingly preoccupied with preparing a second batch of cement mix into the concrete mixer.

“The perpetrator allegedly was extremely annoyed with the victim’s snoring and really needed a good’s night sleep,” Sheriff Deputy John Silverman told reporters.

Rudd Parkston, 56, faces charges of attempted murder with intent to kill after he poured an estimated 80 lb of concrete onto his wife’s face because she allegedly snored at night according to San Rafael Police Deputy Sheriff John Silverman.

“I don’t mean to say that I endorse what he did but the whole neighborhood can hear her snore at night. It sounds like a jet engine or a jackhammer some nights. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner,” one neighbor anonymously told reporters.

According to the official police report, Rudd Parkston claims he did not get any sleep for the past 12 days before the incident and was not fully aware of what he was doing.

“Sometimes he would go down to the garage and start the leaf blower or chainsaw all night just so he could get some sleep because the snoring was so unbearable,” Rudd Parkston previously told another neighbor.

The Parkston couple also received a number of anonymous death threats on several occasions in the past years pertaining to Katherine Parkston’s snoring and the couple’s home was even shot at an estimated 237 times with an AR-15 assault rifle during the night last October according to a previous police report.

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