Kansas City rapper Dellio and 19 other men charged in massive drug investigation

According to a document released by the FBI Monday, 20 men have been charged in connection with a massive drug trafficking investigation underway for months in the Kansas City area.

The conspiracy charges came in a secret grand jury indictment released Monday.


Ladele D. Smith. 33 (aliases Dellio, Dog)
Roy O. Franklin, Jr., 29 (alias Roy)
David J. Duncan, IV, 30 (alias Deej, DJ)
Terrance Garner, 33 (alias T-Dot)
Joshua Marchbanks, 29
Cory T. Brown, 39, (alias Twin)
Carleeon D. Lockett, 27 (alias Tone)
Gary O. Toombs, 39
Errick E. Martin Jr., 28 (alias Dough Boy)
Kenneth D. Scott, 23
Cordell Edwards, 31 (alias Duke)
Victor Gonzalez, 30 (aliases Lil Vic, El Chayo)
Michael E. Sims, 33
Cordarrel L. Scott, 33
Marco R. Maddox, 35
Herman G. Bell, 64
Cornelius Phelps, 33 (alias Tim Tim)
Sirrico L. Franklin, 28 (aliased Rico, Chicco)
Lencorya T. M. Grady, 44, (alias Thick)
Martin C. Garner, 33 (aliased Looch, LuLu)

In addition to conspiracy, Ladele Smith, Roy Franklin, Sirrico Franklin and Gary Toombs were also charged with maintaining a drug-involved premises in regard to a home at 4429 Kensington Ave. in Kansas City.

Documents reveal authorities conducted a coordinated arrest operation Wednesday and picked up 16 of the 20 defendants charged in the case.

The FBI said this operation was paired with arrests of defendants in two separate felon in possession of a firearm cases related to the main case of conspiracy.

Court documents show during the course of this operation, investigators recovered 23 firearms, 350 grams of heroin, $75,000 in cash, cocaine, marijuana, scales, an apparent drug ledger and drug packaging materials.

Charging documents said these arrests are the result of a long-term investigation by the FBI, KCPD, and the IRS into a group identifying itself as “246.”

Authorities said that in addition to drug distribution and violent crime, several 246 members were active on social media, posting rap videos, Instagram photos, stories and other media like YouTube video depicting items related to 246.

Documents point to an Oct. 9, 2017, video of an interview with suspect David Duncan that was uploaded to YouTube. In the video, Duncan is seen wearing a hat that says, “2.4.6” and gold and diamond necklaces that say “Deej” and “Tank” over the letters “T” and “G” which investigators link to the “Tank Gang.”

During the video, Duncan refers to himself as “Heavy Pockets” and describes the start of the 246 gang:

“2-4-6. The mother f*****’ gang way. 24, 43rd, 68th the gang way. You know what I’m saying. That’s what it is. My brother, my brother really came up with that though. My brother Dellio. He really came up with it though. You know what I’m saying. Cuz s*** we we. You know what I’m saying. We together so much. And, you know what I’m saying. That’s what he did. You know I’m from 24th. He from 43rd. S***. My n**** Boobie 68th. Ah, Looch, for real, 68th. You know what I’m saying. I mean that just what it is. That just some hood s***. All of the homies from 68th. S***. He from 43rd. I’m from 24th. We just put it together. 2 4 6. You can’t go wrong. You know what I’m saying. You dig.”

Authorities said Duncan was one of the suspects arrested in the Wednesday sting. Officers located three guns under his mattress: a Zastava M92PV, a Glock Model 19, and a Norinco MAK90 AK-47.

Also recovered during the investigation into Duncan were Duncan’s Dodge Charger, $7,100 in cash, an apparent drug ledger on a nightstand listing names and dollar amounts, plus artwork that said, “Gang Member 246” and expletives describing other street gangs known to investigators in Kansas City.

Numerous other videos, including rap music videos detail Ladele Smith’s alleged involvement in 246, and Smith was linked as a source of a supply of heroin in Kansas in 2017 and 2018, according to the authorities. A sting operation was planned for his arrest in April 2018; however, charging documents reveal authorities believe Smith got word of the planned sting and fled to Los Angeles.

Smith is a well-known rapper in the Kansas City area with thousands of followers on social media.

Charging documents list social media accounts for several suspects including Martin Garner and Smith, which include references to 246. Documents also detail search warrants executed on those social media accounts, which reveal alleged conversations involving Duncan, Cordarrel Scott, Roy Franklin, and Carleeon Lockett in which they discuss potential acts of violence towards other groups in Kansas City. Authorities said other, more recent posts show Sirrico Franklin, Errick Martin, Martin Garner, Smith and Roy Franklin at the residence on Kensington displaying multiple weapons and stacks of what appeared to be cash.

Charging documents also detail two alleged shootouts involving several of the suspects.

Authorities detail a June 9 incident in which Martin Garner and Sirrico Franklin were shot at while riding in a rental car used primarily by Smith.

Martin Garner was shot and taken to the hospital by Joshua Marchbanks, police said.

Investigators ultimately determined the men were not truthful in their description of the circumstances leading up to the shooting.

Authorities located a crime scene near 45th and Spruce – less than a block away from the Kensington residence. It was there authorities found the abandoned rental vehicle riddled with bullet holes. Police recovered several different styles of shell casings from the vehicle, leading authorities to believe a major gun battle took place.

Martin Garner was injured in the incident, treated and released from the hospital.

Days later Smith and Martin Garner allegedly posted videos to social media in which they were holding weapons, and Garner can be heard saying, “You b****** better off fighting cancer or HIV than to f*** with me…ain’t no leeway.”

Authorities obtained information that Martin Garner was allegedly planning retaliation for the June 9 shooting on June 20.

Charging documents detail painstaking efforts by tactical units from KCPD and the FBI to conduct physical and electronic surveillance of the residence on Kensington. Surveillance included an undercover presence, a covert pole camera and aerial support watching the residence.

Police determined weapons were present and observed individuals in a vehicle that left the Kensington residence behave in a way that led them to believe violence was imminent. Documents said officers attempted to chase the suspect vehicle but ultimately terminated the pursuit. Police said that vehicle then ended up back at the Kensington residence.

Documents also detail a Sept. 9 shootout involving Roy Franklin. Surveillance video allegedly showed him arriving at the Kensington residence and transferring guns from a Cadillac sedan into a Jeep Cherokee parking in the back yard at the residence. He then got into the driver’s seat, Smith into the passenger seat, and drove off.

A short time later, police received reports of gunshots fired near 35th and Woodland in Kansas City. Investigators found several shell casings along with black tinted auto glass with bullet holes in it at the scene. Witnesses reported seeing a black Jeep Cherokee drive by with a passenger hanging out of the window and shooting.

Police said license plate readers nearby captured the dealer tag on the Jeep allegedly involved.

Authorities said surveillance video on the Kensington house showed the Jeep returning to the residence but missing its back windshield.

Charging documents state a confidential source told the FBI that Roy Franklin and Smith were targeting two men outside of a store near 35thand Woodland – the men were reportedly associated with a street gang known as “12thStreet.”

Duncan reportedly told the source he believed the men were outside the store waiting to kill him because he had a $50,000 contract on his head. When he saw the men outside the store, he reportedly called Franklin and Smith to come kill them.

Investigators ultimately found the black Jeep hiding under the back deck of the residence during the arrest sweep on Wednesday. Authorities also found bullet holes that originated inside the vehicle.

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