Hot 97 Has Banned All 6ix9ine New Music Upon His Release

image"Don’t expect to hear 6ix9ine music on Hot 97 any time soon, because they will not be playing it now or in the near future. According to TMZ, the legendary hip hop station has placed a ban on Tekashi’s new music, once he gets out of jail. He will also not be performing at any future Summer Jam events because he’s a liability.

An executive told the website that he will not get any radio spins for any old records either.

The only way he will get any burn is if there is a “massive outcry” from fans over a hit single that was out everywhere.

Though he just signed a recording contract from inside prison and plans to be active upon his release after giving up witness protection, he will not have the support of Hot 97 and quite possibly many others."

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