Jussie Smollett PR Team: ‘Every Iota’ Of Hate Crime Story Is True

"Every iota of information … Smollett has stated has been fully corroborated."

Jussie Smollett's PR team is now claiming that "every iota" of the disgraced actor's story about being a victim of a hate crime at the hands of MAGA Trump supporters is true despite overwhelming evidence alleging the contrary.

According to the Associated Press, the PR team released a statement on Wednesday in response to the city of Chicago's lawsuit against Smollett seeking to recoup the financial costs his investigation brought about. From the report:

A statement emailed Wednesday follows a city filing Monday defending its lawsuit seeking to recoup costs of investigating what it says was a January publicity stunt.

The statement says “every iota of information … Smollett has stated has been fully corroborated.”

The statement didn’t say what evidence allegedly backs Smollett’s claim that masked men hurling racist and homophobic insults beat him and looped a noose around his neck.

The city says GPS data, video and other evidence prove Smollett paid the men to fake a hate crime.

Earlier this year, the "Empire" actor claimed that he fell victim to a hate crime on one cold winter's night in Chicago at the hands of two men who derided him with homophobic slurs and then yelled "this is MAGA country" before tying a noose around his neck. At first, the media took Smollett's story at face-value until evidence quickly mounted that he had hired two brothers from Nigeria to stage the attack, supposedly in an effort to bolster his salary on the show.

After Jussie Smollet turned himself in to police for the felony charge of filing a false police report, the situation took a turn for the worse when the charges against were suddenly dropped by Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx, prompting outrage from both the Chicago P.D. and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. In an obvious attempt to rectify the situation and regain city trust, a Chicago judge appointed a special prosecutor earlier this month to investigate the way his case was handled.

"Cook County Judge Michael Toomin appointed former U.S. Attorney Dan Webb to the position to investigate the way the case was handled — specifically, why the 16 criminal charges against Smollett were dropped and to potentially reinstate the charges or even add additional charges against Smollett," The Daily Wire's Ryan Saavedra reported.

Since the Smollett story became a national sensation, the hit show "Empire" has been canceled by FOX, leaving the actor's career in virtual ruin. Speaking with Vulture back in June, the show's creator, Lee Daniels, admitted that the actor's antics played a part in "Empire" going off the air.

"I’m beyond embarrassed," Daniels told Vulture. "I think that when it happened, I had a flash of me running from bullies. I had a flash of my whole life, of my childhood, my youth, getting beaten."

Daniels added that his love for Smollett makes him feel "some doubt" at times that the actor indeed staged a fake hate crime against himself.

"Of course, there’s some doubt," Daniels said. "I’m telling you that because I love him so much. That’s the torture that I’m in right now, because it’s literally if it were to happen to your son and your child, how would you feel? You would feel, Please, God, please let there be that glimmer of hope that there is some truth in this story. That’s why it’s been so painful. It was a flood of pain."

"We weren’t there. I can’t judge him," he continued. "That’s only for the f***ing lady or man with that black robe and God. I had to detach myself and stop calling him, because it was taking away the time I have for my kids, the time I have for my partner. It was affecting my spirit and other shows, everything."

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