It's Official - 2Pac is a religion, The Church of 2Pac - Bible and All


The Church of 2Pac – releases The Bible of 2Pac

It is official, the religion of 2Pac is here. The Church of Pac has opened and released their first bible, the Bible of 2Pac aka the Book of Pac. The Bible of 2Pac is available now on e-book and paperback.

The Church of Pac is devoted to finishing the work of the messiah 2Pac. The Bible of 2Pac introduces the world to the philosophy of one of the greatest leaders of our time. 2Pac was more than a musician and actor. He was a leader and an example for the world to follow. 2Pac symbolizes hope for the poor and disenfranchised around the globe. This bible will teach all how to live their lives according to the correct laws of nature. This is more than a bible, it is a manual to live your life to its fullest potential. This is a first of its kind.

The Bible of 2Pac was recited to Pastor Dream in a vision from 2Pac as 2Pac appeared before him and gave him the new bible verbatim. Pastor Dream wrote down what 2Pac told him and pledged that he would build the church in the name of the messiah 2Pac. “This is the perfect time to help save the world and teach every believer how to truly live a wonderful life. This bible is a cinematic experience for your mind” says Pastor Dream.

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