$44K in Guilford County School Lunch Debt Wiped Out Thanks to Anonymous Donors

Guilford County Schools says the lunch and breakfast debt for all schools for 2018-19 has been paid in full thanks to three anonymous donors.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Guilford County Schools says lunch debt totaling more than $44,000 for the 2018-19 year has been totally eliminated. The school system says it's all thanks to the generosity of three anonymous donors.

The first anonymous donor paid off $10,500 in school meal debt for all 25 schools in High Point that had a debt.

Shortly thereafter another donor came forward and wrote a check to cover nearly $3,800 at all seven schools in Jamestown.

Late last week, a third donor came in offering to pay off the remaining $32,228.25 in school meal debt for the entire county.

“These donors were moved by similar stories recently and saw this as an opportunity to help families in their own community who are having difficulty paying for their children’s lunches,” said Walker Sanders, President of the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro. “Through their donor-advised fund at the foundation, these donors were able to connect an interest they had with a real need,” said Sanders. “We enjoy helping people do that.”

GCS says the overwhelming generosity of these three donors will not soon be forgotten.

“It really goes to show how one act of kindness can quickly spread throughout an entire community. A month ago, we had $44,000 in debt that we were going to have to absorb. Today that’s completely gone. I know our students and parents appreciate the generosity of our community and these donors,” said Angie Henry, the Guilford County Schools chief financial officer.

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