Hundreds of pounds of fentanyl seized at US/Mexico border

n a report released Friday, the Homeland Security Department’s Inspector General said the amount of fentanyl seized by agents and stored in vaults has skyrocketed -- from 70 pounds in 2015 to 3,500 pounds so far in this budget year. A single 2 milligram dose of fentanyl (there are 453,592 milligrams in a pound) is lethal for most people, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

In some cases, the powerful drug can sit in a vault for years while the government prosecutes its case.

You have people who say "illegal drugs aren't seized at the border. Dealers use different ways of transporting drugs without getting caught. Open borders is not wrong. You have no proof." But the news says otherwise.
And then, when you show them proof. They scoff at the proof once they are proven wrong, and then they redirect the conversation to something else like "holding centers are racist concentration camps".

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