BREAKING: Judge Rules ASAP Rocky Will Be Detained For 2 Weeks & Faces 6 Years In Prison


It just got worse for A$AP Rocky. A judge just decided authorities could detain him for 2 weeks while prosecutors investigate further to determine if they want to charge him with aggravated assault. The stakes here are enormous -- if convicted he could be sentenced to 6 years in prison.

A$AP Rocky is in even more trouble than we thought, because Swedish authorities have just made it clear ... they have no plans to release him anytime soon.

Swedish prosecutors are asking a judge to allow them to hold A$AP Rocky and members of his crew for 2 weeks, while they investigate the alleged assault Tuesday for which he was arrested. Swedish authorities are normally allowed to keep people for only 3 days, so they are clearly gunning for him.

And, there's even more ominous news. As you know, authorities jumped into action after a video surfaced of A$AP and his crew pummeling a guy on the street, leaving him battered and bloodied.

But then, another video surfaced, showing the alleged victim harassing A$AP and hitting his bodyguard with a set of headphones. The guy was harassing A$AP and his crew for about a half hour before they had enough.

A$AP actually tried to be a peacemaker ... telling the guy, "We don't wanna fight y'all. We don't wanna go to jail."

It's unclear if authorities saw that second video before they arrested A$AP, but they have seen it now. What's really significant ... Swedish prosecutors tell us they are releasing the bodyguard now due to "insufficient evidence" but they are not releasing A$AP. That suggests the second video doesn't do it for prosecutors, and they still view this as an assault.

This is really serious for A$AP ... if convicted, he faces 6 years in prison.

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