Military expert paints grim portrait of how Iran would retaliate if Trump invades


Appearing on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” former military intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance painted a grim portrait of what U.S. armed forces could expect if President Donald Trump follows national security adviser John Bolton’s advice to invade Iran.

Speaking with host Joy Reid, Nance said he had interactions with Iranian forces when he served, and said they would put up a fierce fight if Trump orders the military to invade.

Noting the president shot down a previous agreement with Iran, Nance pointed out that the Middle Eastern country has been girding for war.

“Iran is a competent, large-scale military with 3 million men,” he explained. “They have been preparing for a defensive war with the United States. As a nation, 83 million people will stand up against us.”

Nance also stated that the war could have a devastating impact across the region that would seriously impact the world’s financial markets.

“They will savage the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait,” he warned.

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