Nipseys brother Black Sam explains why the shooter was able to execute him like he did

"The strip mall was the place where Nips and Samiel got their hair cut and ate burgers. It was where both brothers said cops regularly held raids.

Los Angeles police still patrol the area often and treat people suspiciously, Samiel said.

The Marathon Clothing store hired mostly felons because they often have a hard time finding work with a criminal record. Felons also are prohibited from carrying guns.

“Because of that, the man was able to shoot my brother, start running, realize nobody out there had a gun, stop, turn back around, walk up, shoot my brother two more times, start to run, realize nobody had a gun, nobody was responding, ran back up and shot my brother three more times, shoot him in the head and kicked him in the head and then ran off,” Samiel dissected.

“If somebody would’ve been there — if I would’ve been there — I would’ve shot back,” he said. “I just wish I would’ve been there.”"

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