Kelis Going On Trial For 20 Counts Of Contempt For Keeping Son Away From Nas

Kelis and Nas

Singer Kelis and hip hop veteran Nas have been going back and forth with their custody battle over their son, Knight, for many years and it looks as though things may get a bit worse for Kelis.

Kelis could be facing jail time, as she is facing 20 counts of contempt of court, over allegations that she has continuously violated a custody agreement. Nas has been very open and vocal about the repeated claimed that Kelis refuses to abide by the agreement and won’t let him see his son.

Nas says Kelis planned to move to Colombia with her new husband and take Knight from him, in addition to the fact that he was supposed to have his son for New Year’s, but Kelis kept him in Colombia until January 14, leaving Nas with no way to get in touch with his son the entire time.

Kelis was allegedly fined $8,000 for not following the court order and has refused to pay. She is scheduled to go on trial June 20th and has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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