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PEARLAND, Texas — A Pearland woman is accused of trying to sexually assault her caregiver after faking autism, Pearland police say.

Rachel Childs, 29, is charged with intent to commit assault, indecent exposure and burglary.

Police say Childs lied to the caregiver and told her she would be caring for Childs’ twin sister, who has autism.

The caregiver followed Childs’ instructions and picked up Childs’ “twin” and took her to her own home to spend the night.

The caregiver told police the “sister” later engaged in "sexually oriented conduct." That’s when the caregiver got suspicious because the behavior did not reflect that of someone who is autistic.

The woman looked into Childs’ background and determined she’s an only child -- no twin, no sister.

The caregiver immediately called Pearland police to report Childs.

Investigators say Childs came up with the elaborate hoax for sexual gratification and was actually pretending to be autistic.

The Pearland Police Department believes there might be others who were victims of a similar scheme. If so, they are asked to call Detective C. Arnold at 281-997-4151 or email Carnold@pearlandtx.gov.

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