Groom shocked to find out that his 'pregnant bride' was actually a man


So, it takes a bit of skill to catfish a guy online and convince him that you are a woman. It takes considerably more skill to get that guy to marry you, but to fool him into believing you are pregnant, now that requires a master.

Last October, a man surnamed Wang from Huaiyang county, Henan province, was overwhelmed with happiness when his girlfriend told him that she was pregnant. The two had originally met online and now Wang's family set about preparing for a big wedding.

Wang never could have thought that only three days after the wedding, his bride would vanish, taking with her gifts and valuables worth tens of thousands of RMB. Wang's family believed that the young couple had simply got into a fight, so didn't report the case to the police, Sina reports.

However, around the same time, a young man from nearby Ruzhou city reported to police that he had met a girl online claiming to be named Miao Xiaomin. The girl had used various methods of coercion to make him give her 31,000 yuan.
Police were able to lure the girl into an internet cafe and arrest her. But, they were a bit confused, because the suspect was dressed as a man and carried an identity card for 27-year-old Miao Songtao -- a dude.

imageIt was only when police searched Miao's residence did they figure out what exactly he was up to. Inside they found skirts, wigs, high heel shoes and even women's underwear and cosmetics masks.

He revealed to police that in more than a year he had managed to defraud a total of 11 boyfriends out of hundreds of thousands of RMB with only one reporting him to police.

Justifiably, netizens are rather impressed by Miao:
"fu*k! You are one talented person!" commented one netizen.
"I just want to know... how they did it?" wondered another.

"Fooling that many people, it's really no wonder that Mulan was able to stay in the army for years with no one suspecting her secret," wrote another web user.
Police would like to remind you to always double check the identity (and gender) of the person that you are about to marry.

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