Armed Man Arrested In Movie Theater Wearing BODY ARMOR And Fake CIA ID

Cassidy Delavergne movie theater armed gun

Police act quickly to avert a possible disaster.

Cassidy Delavergne of Flint, Michigan, was arrested at a Grand Blanc Township movie theatre when someone notified the police that he was carrying a gun.

When they asked him to step outside they discovered that he was wearing body armor, carrying a loaded 9 mm Beretta pistol with 34 rounds of ammunition, and had a fake federal identification badge on him — and a search of his car turned up another 111 rounds of ammunition.

He claimed he has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and wore the body armor rather than leave it in his car; he also said he showed his fake ID so that the movie theatre workers would not be concerned about his gun.

M Live reports that the police did not believe the man was a federal agent: “They were confident that wasn’t true, and that’s when they arrested him,”claimed a local detective.

The man is custody.

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