Ohio...28 hillbilly tweakers busted in a meth distribution conspiracy


A man called “Cooter” and a woman colloquially known as “MILF” have been arrested in a mega methamphetamine conspiracy in southern Ohio.

Christopher “Cooter” Staten, 40, and Terri Ard, who is also known as “MILF,” according to an indictment, were among 28 people arrested after allowing their homes to be used to distribute the drug.

The oddly-named pair were part of a conspiracy that lasted from 2018 until June of this year and involved at least half a kilo of methamphetamine, according to court documents.

Cooter operated out of a home in Adams County to sell the substance, while MILF used a home in Brown County to distribute the drugs. Meanwhile, Cooter’s sister, Misty Staten, along with two others, used a home in Brown County.

Misty also faces charges in a separate federal case in which she is accused of sending methamphetamine in two letters, in July and August 2018, to an inmate at the Butler County Jail.

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