Police: Man's pickup truck stolen while he was robbing store

(Meredith) - A Washington state man who robbed a store got a taste of instant karma when someone stole his getaway vehicle, according to police.

The Kennewick Police Department said 42-year-old William Kelley lifted some items from a business around 6 a.m. Sunday.

During that time, police said a man on a bike rode past Kelley's red 1992 Chevy pickup and noticed the keys on the seat.

The bicyclist then picked up his 10-speed, threw it in the bed of the truck and drove away, according to the department.

When Kelley finally walked outside, he realized his truck was gone and called police.

It wasn't until officers reviewed a surveillance video that they discovered Kelley was at the location because he was also stealing.

Police arrested Kelley on an outstanding warrant and added a burglary charge.

Officers have not found Kelley's truck or the person who stole it.

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