Chinese security forces prepare to use terrifying giant electric fork

imageChinese security forces have been seen preparing to use terrifying giant forks, that may be able to give dangerous electric shocks, on Hong Kong protesters.

Police and soldiers were photographed practising a crowd control exercise with the weapons which, if electric, are capable of causing burns and puncture wounds, at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre in Shenzhen, just 4.5 miles from the border.

The city is bracing for another weekend of rallies with up to a million activists on the streets, after demonstrators closed the international airport, disrupting traffic in the global financial hub.

Images showing soldiers and armoured officers carrying the eight-foot forks, which are believed to be electric, were published by Chinese state media.

One soldier was seen brandishing the fork with several members of the police while, in a second image, they were seen using it against a mock protester.

Electric shock capturing forks can be used to capture and deter protesters.

Amnesty International has previously warned against using the weapons which can result in 'intense, both localised and general, pain but not incapacitation of the subject'.

'Because of their nature and design, direct contact shock weapons carry an unacceptable risk of arbitrary force,' they said.

Yesterday Beijing warned it could hit the territory in just ten minutes after amassing hundreds of tanks and troops near the border.

The statement prompted a reprimand from the United States, which warned against sending troops into the region in a move many analysts say would be a reputational and economic disaster for China.

China's nationalistic Global Times newspaper has said that there will not be a repeat of the Tiananmen Square crackdown in which hundreds - or even thousands - of people are believed to have been killed.

Actor Jackie Chan sparked outrage earlier today by saying he supported the Chinese stance.

The 65-year-old celebrity said he was proud of being Chinese and that he loved his motherland but that the 'recent events in Hong Kong' broke his heart, as he urged the public to join him in safeguarding Chinese sovereignty.

Chan's comments were not received well with Hong Kong protesters accusing the Kung Fu star of being 'shameless' and 'eating the Communist Party's pill'.

He is a Chinese citizen and has spoken out in support of Beijing before, notably speaking out against protests at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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