Teenage Drake’s Notebook For Sale, Includes Early Lyrics And Lacoste Wishlist

You, an informed consumer of pop culture, are aware of Aubrey Drake Graham’s pre-rap history acting on the Canadian teen soap opera Degrassi: The Next Generation. If you’ve listened to Drake tracks like “Worst Behavior” and “Under Ground Kings,” you may have gleaned some further insight into his life back then. But if you really want to understand his early mindset, you’re going to have to buy his old journal, recently discovered in a dumpster near his grandfather’s furniture factory, for a cool $35,000.

As TMZ reports, the memorabilia company Moments In Time is auctioning off Drake’s notebook from around 2000, the year before Degrassi went on the air — so we’re talking pre-Wheelchair Jimmy creative output). The site is also auctioning Sir Francis Drake’s will if that’s more your speed.

If you shell out for young Aubrey’s artifact, you’ll be treated to the lyrics for a diss track called “Smell Pussy” featuring lyrics such as: “Sholman’s a pussy … Johnny’s a snitch … You and Rosenblatt are like Abercrombie and Bitch.” There’s a Lacoste sticker on the front, and Drake’s love for the brand continues inside with boasts of a $171 Lacoste jacket purchase and another Lacoste shirt listed in his “must-haves.”

Atop this post is the oldest licensed photo of Drake I could find, from the 2005 Teen Choice Awards. The version of Drizzy who filled these pages was five years younger than that, so you’re buying a true portrait of the artist as a young man. I wanted to make a “Views from the 16-year-old” joke here as well, but Drake would have been either 13 or 14 in 2000, so, yeah, that’s about all there is to say about this item. Good luck to all those hoping to purchase it.

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