Manhunt for suspect in body armor and helmet after cop is fatally sho


A massive manhunt was underway Monday in Alabama for a man accused of fatally shooting a police officer and wounding two others after they responded to a domestic disturbance at a mobile home park, according to reports.

Grady Wayne Wilkes, 29, is armed and was last seen wearing camouflage body armor and a helmet after the shooting about 11:30 p.m. Sunday in south Auburn, officials said.

“When the officers arrived they encountered gunfire,” Lee County Coroner Bill Harris said. “One was airlifted from the scene and he later died. The other two were transported. One is critical.”

The Alabama state police issued a “Blue Alert,” which is made only in the death of a law enforcement officer, as it sought the public’s help in catching the suspect.

“We do believe he is dangerous and, obviously in this situation, was to these officers,” Auburn Police Chief Paul Register said.

“This is probably the worst day of my time here. Words cannot express the loss of this family, and our family, and this community,” he added.

Police didn’t immediately release the officers’ identities. It was unclear if the officers managed to return fire.

Register said the cops arrived late Sunday at Arrowhead Park, a mobile home community that describes itself as “one of the nicest, safest and well-managed student environments in Auburn,” according to USA Today.

Wilkes immediately opened fire on the officers, Register said, adding that no one in the home was wounded.

“It was a simple domestic disturbance,” he said. “You always hear that they are one of the most dangerous kinds of calls officers go to, and it played out to that effect tonight.”

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