Woman's false #metoo claim causes suicide of best friend


A young man of 18 who had been accused of sexual abuse by her best friend - who later publicly apologized and admitted that it was a lie - committed suicide a week ago.

It all started in early December, when Agustin Muñoz, born in Bariloche, took part in a march of women who, under the slogan "never alone, never silent," brought together dozens of young people in the civic center to remember the women who died murdered , and to call for an end to the abuses.

In that march, a list of alleged abusers was read. It was at this time that her friend A. denounced him for sexual abuse, leaving it in the presence of those present and then in a publication that became viral on social networks.

"In the middle of march they shouted his name and he was scared. The first thing he did was to run home, he got that desperate day and told me what had happened to him," said Silvina Castañeda, Agustín's mother in dialogue with the Portal Bariloche 2000.

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