New law requires cursive writing for Ohio schools

With the New Year, come a new law for Ohio schools.

Ohio school will now be required to teach cursive writing to students. This comes after Ohio Governor John Kasich singed a bill requiring school across the state to teach cursive writing. . The legislation requires that the Department of Education includes supplemental instructional material in cursive writing. This legislation also requires that the curriculum start from kindergarten through fifth grade. Sponsors of the bill say that they have studies showing cursive writing has learning benefits for those with dyslexia. We talked with Ohio residents to see what their thoughts were about the new policy.

"I don't see why it really matters," says Joe Morgan of Ohio. "I learned it, but I never used it before I think. "

On the other hand, some residents feel that students should learn cursive writing.

"I believe they should," says Thomas Izzi of Ohio. "I think it's a good thing. My ladies and I wondered why they stopped doing it. "

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