Man says his threat to blow up bathroom had nothing to do w/pipe bombs


A man accused of threatening to blow up a chicken shop claims his explosive threat was actually in reference to a ‘bowel movement’.

Arthur Posey, 30, was apprehended on Tuesday night, after allegedly making a threat to blow-up a chain of Willie’s Chicken Shack, in New Orleans, during a heated exchange with staff.

But pleading his innocence at the time of his arrest, Posey reportedly told officers there had been a horrible misunderstanding.

Facing two charges of communicating false information of planned arson, Posey claims he actually said he was going to “blow the bathroom up,” in reference to a bowl movement - not blow the restaurant up.

However, police say an employee of the fast-food chain has told them “Mr. Posey never told him anything about a bathroom.”

The restaurant’s manager said a man - later identified as Posey - went into the restaurant at 7pm and approached the food preparation area, asking what time the restaurant closed.

When she replied she didn’t know, Posey allegedly responded “Y’all about to close right now because I’m going to get a bomb and blow this place up.”

Houston or New Orleans!

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