TX woman was arrested for weed.


A former Texas A&M Commerce University student who was arrested for marijuana possession on her way to a party never thought her arrest would turn her into an internet sensation months later.

“I was actually bored that night,” said Marshala Perkins, 19, of Dallas. “I was just going to go out with my friends looking the way I was looking.”

Her mugshot from the Feb. 6 arrest was posted to the Mugshot Baes Twitter account in mid-April and a subsequent retweet from a follower has been “liked” more than 280,000 times as of Tuesday.

People are retweeting and asking for makeup tutorials.

“Someone has reached out to me about starting my own makeup line. It’s crazy. My mind is blown,” Perkins said. “Now it’s turned into something so positive so I’m just going to embrace it and see where it takes me.”

Perkins, an aspiring makeup artist, said the night of her arrest she had just finished performing a makeup tutorial on Facebook Live around 9 p.m. when her friends stopped by her dorm room asking if she wanted to hang out.

“I sat in my car for like two minutes waiting on my friends and while I was waiting a police car pulled up right behind me,” she said.

A Greenville police officer ran her license and registration and it all came back clean, she said.

Before leaving, he said he smelled marijuana and asked her to get out of the vehicle. During a search of her car he found two grams of marijuana, Perkins said.

She was booked into the Hunt County Jail where her mugshot was taken just before midnight. She was released about 10 a.m. the next day.

She said she saw her mugshot on the Greenville police Facebook page later that day and was embarrassed.

“People were sending it to me asking, ‘Is this you?’ At the time I was embarrassed so I was like, ‘Nah, I don’t know who that is,’ ” Perkins said.

Two months later her photo popped up on the Mugshot Baes Twitter account.

“I really thought it was funny because I know with those pages somebody has to submit it,” Perkins said. “I’m thinking, ‘Who over here is thinking I’m cute enough to be on this page?’”

Three months after that, the same photo and a retweet from another Twitter user on July 27 turned her into an internet sensation with 280,000 likes and counting.

“My phone started going crazy,” Perkins said. “I was still kind of embarrassed about it because it was something I didn’t want people to know. But then when I started reading the comments I was like, besides me being in jail people are really noticing my talent and what I can do.”

Since then followers on her Youtube Channel and social media accounts have grown like weeds, as it were, and she has also launched an Instagram account for makeup tutorials and appointment bookings.

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