Teen steals AR-15 from cop’s car, then dances with it on Instagram Live


A 17-year-old boy is in police custody after officials say he stole an AR-15 and tactical gear from a Palm Beach Sheriff deputy’s unmarked police car.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Clay Moses was arrested by of Boynton Beach police late Saturday after cops say he flaunted the stolen weapons on Instagram Live. Officials said he waved the customized gun in the air as he danced and rapped to music.

Records show the Palm Beach deputy reported the missing items to Boynton Beach police after having left his unmarked car parked for several hours at a shopping plaza parking lot on Aug. 14.

Among the stolen weapons were two loaded magazines, a gas mask, Taser, ballistic helmet, and rifle clips.

Police say that although footage shows Clay leaving the parking lot in a car that they later discovered in the area, it was the social media post that gave investigators ground for a search warrant.

Detectives ultimately searched the boy’s home and found the gun under a mattress.

Clay was arrested and taken to a juvenile detention center. He faces charges of grand theft and burglary while armed with a firearm.

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