Police open fire on families dog

The aftermath of the incident was caught on camera as neighbors yelled that there were children inside the home. The dog’s owner, Laurene Walker, was also inside the home when the shots rang out.

“Me and my brother heard them together, and then he pushed me down and I started yelling at him like, ‘Go downstairs, get Bailey, get Anilayh and bring them up here,” Walker told WEWS.

None of the people in the home were hit by the gunfire, but Walker said Neo, her 5-year-old Cane Corso, was shot in one of her front legs.

“I really thought my dog was dead until I ran to her and she climbed in my lap,” Walker said.

Neo is expected to be okay after receiving treatment from a local veterinarian, but Walker is demanding to know why officers opened fire on a home with five kids and two adults inside.

“Why would you let off that many shots into an occupied home?” Walker asked. “You see cars in the driveway, you see toys all across the yard.”

Walker said she believes the officers fired more than a dozen rounds at the dog, with only one of the bullets hitting Neo.

Police in East Cleveland did not comment on the incident but said a response would be forthcoming.

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