Republican admits his kids get trust fund money only if they marry another white

imageA former Texas judge running for Dallas County commissioner has admitted that he set up a living trust with a clause that rewards his children for marrying another white person, the Dallas Morning News reports.

Vickers “Vic” Cunningham, was a judge and is now in a heated run-off election for county commissioner.

Vic Cunningham’s estranged brother came forward to tell the paper that he was a “lifelong racist.” The brother, Bill Cunningham, is married to a black man and says he has been threatened by his racist brother. Bill Cunningham produced communication with other members of the family, including their mother, in which Vic Cunningham’s racism was discussed.

After Bill Cunningham spoke up, the newspaper to asked Vic Cunningham whether it was true that he’d set up a racist trust fund.

Cunningham admitted that the trust fund he set up in 2010 has “milestones” which reward his children for marrying another straight white Christian.

“I strongly support traditional family values,” Cunningham said. “If you marry a person of the opposite sex that’s Caucasian, that’s Christian, they will get a distribution.”

The payouts aren’t merely theoretical. Cunningham’s son is dating a woman of Vietnamese origin. He claimed he “can’t” change the terms of the trust to not punish his son over this.

Cunningham is running in a county that is majority minority and as a county judge for a decade, he sentenced countless minorities to prison. He told the News that “his views on his children marrying outside their race never translated to unfairness on the bench or discrimination in any way.”

The report also includes numerous accusations of Vic Cunningham using the n-word.

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