American Airlines passenger faces up to 20 years in jail for in-flight tirade

An American Airlines passenger was denied alcohol on a flight and launched a screaming tirade involving spit, blood, and possibly up to 20 years in prison.

Jason Felix was flying from St Croix to Miami on AA flight 1293 when the incident occurred, according to an FBI affidavit. The bureau and local police are investigating the matter. A fellow passenger caught part of the argument on camera.

Approximately one hour into the flight, Mr Felix rang the flight attendant to purchase another beer. The flight attendant refused after he had been spotted by that flight attendant rummaging around the back of plane opening and closing cabinets in the rear bathroom earlier in the flight. He had slammed the door shut and locked it when a flight attendant approached to ask if he was all right. When he emerged from the bathroom, he appeared agitated and was cursing at the attendant all the way back to his seat, 17 B, a middle seat.

Once the flight attendant denied Mr Felix another beer, he climbed over his police officer seatmate and began chasing after the flight attendant, screaming obscenities, the FBI said.

“You need to please sit down. You’re not drinking any more beers. We’ll be there in an hour,” he told Mr Felix.

“Are you my bartender?” Mr Felix asked the attendant, to which they replied “yes,” as he walked away.

The flight attendant then turned around to see Mr Felix and his seatmate hitting each other in the narrow aisle. Other passengers attempted to pull the two men apart as they fought, the video showed.

They were eventually able to wrestle Mr Felix back into his seat, but not before - according to his seatmate - he had spit blood and torn the shirt of the US Virgin Islands police officer.

The FBI affidavit said Mr Felix yelled: “I’m going to kill you. I know you are a cop”.

Fellow passengers continued to try and calm Mr Felix down, but the insults and foul language directed at the other man, who by this point had been asked to change seats, continued.

Flight attendants offered Mr Felix water, but he gave it to another passenger, according to the Bill Bolduc, who filmed the incident.

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