SMALLVILLE STAR Due in Court for Sex Cult


SMALLVILLE actress Allison Mack has been arrested by the FBI in New York for her alleged role in a US sex slave cult.

She's due to appear before Brooklyn's Eastern District Court on Friday facing various sex trafficking charges for her involvement with NXIVM.

Her charge sheet says between February 2016 and June 2017 she did knowingly "recruit, entice, harbour, transport, provide, obtain, advertise, maintain, patronise and solicit persons."

Keith Raniere, the leader of the cult that masquerades as a self- help group, has been arraigned on the same charges.

According to a federal complaint, Raniere created a secret society of women whom he had sex with and branded with his initials.

He's accused of coercing them with the threat of releasing their highly personal information and taking their assets.

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