Secrets you know because of your occupation

-Don't order top shelf liquor from a waitress in a club or lounge. We will give u bottom shelf, charge you for top shelf and keep the difference. Most pple can't tell the difference between well vodka and ciroc. Its all in their heads. Alos if u buy a bottle make sure it comes still sealed. Otherwise its mixed with water lol and we just sold u a 250 dollar bottle of half water lol

-Its not always the board certified doctor operating on you. Lots of residents operate (practice)
-Some doctors judge how well they treat you based on what kind of insurance you have.
-The reason you feel sore after surgery isn't just because of surgery, you're getting thrown around like a ragdoll while under anesthesia.
-We don't really know what your grandpa has... No we can't really fix it but we can keep him very uncomfortable for days while we puzzle over his test results... This is not Mario Bros. We can't give him a mushroom and his life bar goes back to 100%. He is 98 years old. Listen to him when he tells you, "I'm ready to go, I'm not scared". He knows.
Whatever you want us to do to him will be worse.

debt collectors
-If you have a creditor harrassing you look up TILA information. Write a letter telling them to stop contacting you. If they contact you again (besides saying they are taking you to court) they have violated TILA and the statutory damages are $1000 per violation. Easiest money you can make.

-If you get pulled over and the officer asks "do you know how fast you were going" or "do you know why I stopped you" say no. Once you answer "well yea, I was going 35 in a 25" you have ADMITTED TO BREAKING THE LAW. Easiest ticket s/he will write. This isn't a secret, more so common knowledge
-When your lawyer offer you a beverage, don't get it. Nothing is free at a law office. It will be included your final bill. The firm I worked at also charged by the minute for each phone convo, so don't be calling your attorney everyday, all day to check on your case. Charged by the sheet for photocopies/faxes too.

Lyft: Drivers can rate passengers. 3 or less and we never have to see you again as you will never be matched with that driver again. Keep getting low ratings and your passenger account gets deactivated.

Divorce Lawyers:
Most lawyers are friends with one another. If your lawyer is cool with another, then chances are your case will work out better. Now if your lawyer is an ass or the other one is, then expect to have a huge bill. They will drag everything out and then charge you for it.

- Phone calls and emails are charged by the minute and most retainer agreements allow them to charge you in 15 minute increments. So an email that takes 5 minutes will still cost you about $50 (if the average is $200 an hour).

- That retainer that you paid is gone. You will never see it again. If you ask for a billing statement be prepared to be shown exactly how much you were raped for. Lawyers charge for every call, copy, second spent breathing, whatever.

- Divorce mediation cases cost just as much as going in front of a judge and takes just as long.

- All attorneys screen their calls even if you have their cell phone number. Emails are better. But don't send a million in a day. That is the fastest way to get ignored.

- The second fastest way is to be rude to the secretary or paralegal. They are the ones that actually do the work on your case. If you are mean to them, trust me they remember. You want to befriend them and be polite. They pass on your messages and can put in a good word for you with your attorney.

- Being referred by another attorney when you are a new client makes a big difference in how they perceive you. The world of attorneys is small. Everyone knows or knows of everyone else. Joe Schmo walking in off the street is always given the side eye until he pays his bill or proves himself. But if Robert Weinstein, Esq refers you then Joe Schmo is given better treatment.


Shop around, let your salesperson knoe your shopping around, find out if they are on commision, in general if your a commisions salesman you have some flexability on the price.

Edit: "Ask about sales, if you dont ask im not willingly going to give you 10% off your purchase, because that 10% comes out of what i make."

IT : if you send your computer in for repair, your pictures and videos are getting looked at.


Generic drugs are the same as brand by law. Take the generic. If your drug does not come in generic then 90% of the time a coupon card for the brand if you search the drug's main website.

The more you try to rush us the slower your sh*t gets done at the pharmacy

If you know what disease state you have call your insurance and get the TIER ONE drugs of that disease state. There is usually a $10 generic for almost everything at there homie or its Over the counter already lol

edit: cosmetic drugs are going to be pricey. (Acne and eczema, etc)
You can always demand your doctor to give you the write for an prescription for the generic form.

Pay T.V. :

Every company has an internal metric that is based on how much you pay them each month. This is usually based on the sheer amount of your monthly bill and not on whether you pay on-time/how long you've been with the company.

Based on this ranking, they will offer more to keep you if you threaten to cancel, and you will qualify for premium offers that other customers will be ineligible for.

For example, someone who pays $100+ each month might get $20 off their bill for 6-12 months if they threaten to cancel, while someone who pays like $40 or less will have the door hit them on the way out.


1. My job is to ruin your fun. That means I know more about how to use new social media than you and no, I don't have personal accounts at any of them. I get on, ask the social media platforms for information about you and create ads to slip inside your entertainment and pull you to where you give me money.

2. Love isn't real. It's a word marketers created to cover the tangible reasons for buying useless garbage that otherwise would be deemed ugly.

Search for tires on walmart, they are usually cheaper than tire stores and they ship next day

Stop giving away your information for free, signing up for giveaways, contest, sweepstakes and sh*t like that. They are all marketing schemes, most sell your information

Pay ur fu*kin taxes, I don’t have a magic law to exempt you’re ass from tax. And don’t fu*k around, IRS’s pimp hand is strong. They can put liens on all your sh*t, can even have a portion of your weekly paycheck go directly to them without your consent.

"Used to work in psychiatric services in 2 different facilities....some of the clinical staff are not fit for patient care. They were abusive and very violent. When the patients complained the staff would just say the patient was crazy and couldn’t be trusted. And that lie worked 75% of the time."

Electrician: i was working at a contract company as a entry level electrician. sh*t I learned is: never complete the job to fast. The more time you waste the more money they pay. Also, you pay a hour for them driving to you and then leaving so even if your issue takes a hour to fix, your gonna pay for 3 hours. If you complete 3 jobs a day you can go home early. A big one me and my co worker did was burn a lot of socket wiring intentionally and then charge them for changing them each time even tho we already had sh*t pre set up. It use to bother me all the dirty tricks we pull and most of the time we’re doing work for older folks. A next one is when we put in led lights we would take your old bulbs and keep them and re use them for other clients unless you ask for them. I’m not an electrician by trade but I learned alota dirty sh*t they do to make money

Retail: I worked in a grocery/ retail store before. Secrets and tricks we always did was.. rotate! Never put out new product in the front and if you put out the product, make sure it’s at the back or under the old product.... depending on how the customer acts we would assist them, if not we’re just gonna day we’re sold out. We knew which costomers was annoying and asked for hella sh*t so if you was like me I would walk in a different section to avoid dealing with them.

Internet marketing: when you set up payment plans make sure that they state how frequently you’d be making payments or the company may take 10k at a time to add up for seo and marketing plans = to 5\7 months

Special Education

If you have a child with special needs, go ahead and get a special education advocate right now. The system is generally designed to give you the legal minimum. Special education can be a confusing labyrinth of laws and regulations and only the informed and demanding parents (i.e. squeaky wheels) get the grease. If you play your cards right, you might get a local school district to pay for a private school placement you couldn’t otherwise afford.

- school psychologist


If purchasing a car & you have to finance, do so through a credit union. Not a regular bank & NEVER through a car dealership.

For best rates, make sure your credit score is above 600. Anything less & you’ll be getting screwed.


If you have an issue, speak to the GM or assistant GM. They believe the customer is always right in the hotel industry & will compensate you. If they don’t, threaten with a bad yelp review. They fear that more than anything.

Credit application worker
- we already have the stuff we are asking you on the screen, stop panicking thinking we are out to get you, we already have everything the moment you submitted your app, however we do have questions that must be asked.

-stop thinking that having all loads of credit cards is a good thing, it's not, everything that you have to pay back is counted against your regular income.

-if we ask you if you want to run the application with your income or household, we are telling you that your income is not enough, always run with household you'll get sh*t you wouldn't with your own income.

-different companies have different requirements, some like to see some history before they can think of providing you credit while others don't, do not ever think that having no credit is a good thing, I personally think that bad credit is better than no credit.

-fico score, shut up about it, we don't care about it, it's not the end all be all of credit anymore, we look at tons of things and that is not one of them, even more on the higher spectrum of credit (over 25k)

-stop bragging about your cars your houses and all that crap because it's counted as stuff you have to pay monthly and it is counted against you with your regular income

-dont be a jackass, you are asking us for money, we did not call you, you called us for a loan, you would do well to remember that

-want to start Credit? Get a secured credit card that is simple as can be and the safest way to start.

Your entire hard Drive is being copied & Techs get paid by the govt to find illegal stuff on your computer. We share your naked pics . Clean your computer weekly

Post office delivers most of your FedEx,
UPS, DHL packages .. Fedex delivers USPS
EXPRESS Packages .. they all in cahoots


If you're not the at fault party you're owed loss of use and a replacement vehicle until your claim is settled.

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