Lying wife convinced husband to kill their entire family.


A Swiss woman apparently convinced her husband to move their family to Utah where they staged a murder-suicide that left them, their two children and pet dog dead last year, according to police.

According to the Daily Herald 43-year-old Jessica Griffith reportedly told her husband she was dying and in great pain. She told Timothy Griffith that she wanted the family to pick a “good time to leave” together.

In November, just months after moving to the U.S., the family — including a 16-year-old daughter, 5-year-old son and a German shepherd — was found dead of gunshot wounds inside the home.

Investigators say the Griffiths drugged their children with sleeping pills dissolved in their hot chocolate. Jessica Griffith reportedly drank the concoction with them after the family played cards and ate a fondue meal.

When the mother and two children passed out, Timothy Griffith reportedly fired fatal shots into each of them, the dog and himself.

Though Jessica Griffith reportedly spoke at length about her supposed terminal illness and sent her husband literature regarding ovarian cancer, a medical examination after her death revealed that she was healthy.

Mapleton Police Chief John Jackson provided an update Thursday but could not say what motivated the woman to make the apparently false claims.

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