This Week in Battle Rap .. Let The Madness Begin

This Week in Battle Rap

Let the Madness Begin
This week in battle rap has been absolutely crazy as we begin March Madness or as Smack says Smack Madness. Url starts the week of by releasing two battles from their Traffic 3 event. Glueasy vs Danny Myers dropped giving us a battle that was pretty good from two mc’s who had a week of prep time before theyre battle. Then DNA vs Rum Nitty came out to everybody surprise. This battle was flames and defiantly a must see between two of the best. Smack Vol 2 just announced another major battle that’s going be on the card. Mike p vs Young Kannon. This anticipated match has been talked about for a while as both mc’s have trash talked to each other for a while now. This should be interesting. Make sure yall go cop that ppv.
On a sad note Bender of KOTD fame passed away this week. He was defiantly loved thru out the culture. He will be missed. A Go fund me page was made to support his family so make sure you check that out and donate if you can. Much love. Math Hoffa also came to everybody reaching out for his brother who has Stage 4 cancer. He asked if everybody can help out his Go fund me page . Make sure yall check that out as well. Speaking of Math Hoffa the battle with him and Machete Trevy dropped this week as well.

Gates of the garden dropped two battles this week. C Low vs Prep came out featuring one of the league owners C Low going against Dre Dennis “Loud Ties” partner Prep. That should be interesting. Also Dre Dennis vs Nu Jerzy Twork came out this week. It was a short but entertaining sparring match.

Champion with Jayblac and Tech 9 sparked up some controversy this week as they dropped a blog called Do your Job – New rappers, as they debated whether the new class of battle rappers have what it takes to be stars. They really called out a lot of the newer talent for not being original which a lot of artists wanted to debate. The new guys like Mack Mel and Holmzie the God criticized champion for not covering their battles enough and not giving the new class enough credit. What do yall think? Does this New class have any stars? Murda Mook had a in depth interview on 15mofe about battling Tsu Surf and T Top. It was interesting .

Other battles that released this week were L Geechi vs J Murda , Switch vs G sharp , Henny Hardaway vs Cashmere . Syigu had a event that I went to called Torture Chamber 6. I got to interview a couple of the battle rappers and the event was lit. One of the battles was released from the event this week . Gambit vs B willz. This battle was lit. go check it out and all the others on BattleBox on Fb and down below . Salute.

Battle of the Week
J Murda vs L Geechi https://youtu.be/q18GSOJ5WvM
DNA vs Rum Nitty https://youtu.be/63pcDBuo9cE
Glueazy vs Danny Myers https://youtu.be/uyjuYhWIGMM
Dre Dennis vs Nu Jerzy Twork https://youtu.be/tneF0ilFWT8
Machete Trevy vs Math Hoffa https://youtu.be/CXKzM7FRrpw
Switch vs G Sharp https://youtu.be/S5qUhHGAZcI
Henny Hardaway vs Cashmere https://youtu.be/hX3qFq8gDLY
Gambit vs B Willz https://youtu.be/2UHc2vNGUMw
Champion – Do Your Job – New Talent? https://youtu.be/TkINX1BHZ_g
Murda Mook 15mofe interview about Surf Battle https://youtu.be/92G9nxqvn2Q

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